Women's Wellness
July 19 - 21, 2019 1440 Multiversity, California
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This is an incredible opportunity to take a deep dive into wellness with two of the most highly demanded practitioners from last year’s summit, with a special focus on women’s health.

Meet Your Hosts


Dr. Judy Hinojosa is a licensed board-certified naturopathic doctor and general family physician who also focuses on women's health, with an emphasis on chronic illness, hormones, gastrointestinal health, stress management, body detoxification, natural weight loss, healthy aging, autoimmune conditions, and Lyme disease.

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Dr. Afrouz Demehri is a licensed board-certified naturopathic doctor specializing in integrative functional medicine for women. She works to find the root cause for hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, stress, weight or digestive issues, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

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The Experience

Slow-down and spend time with a tribe of like-minded women, defining what it means to feel balanced, vibrant, and truly alive. With a community of others seeking the same answers, you’ll learn valuable tools for personalizing your own health using a multidimensional approach. Nutrition, spiritual wellness, hormonal health, detoxification, and stress management are only some of the many topics you’ll gain a deeper understanding of.

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Hands-on exercises and activities will help shape your personalized wellness plan, in a supportive and playful environment. These classes are all about helping you choose your own health adventure, like designing your ideal morning routine and identifying the diet that works best for your unique body.


Humans are meant to move, but we all respond to different kinds of movement in different ways. You’ll have the opportunity to try new types of activities with the guidance of highly educated teachers, like yoga, dance, and even Zumba. Discover what resonates for your body and leave with new movement practices as part of your daily routine.

Connect Mind
and Body

In addition to working your body, you’ll also expand your mind. Using practices like meditation and energy medicine, you will learn how to support the powerful mind-body connections that deeply influence physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is an essential component in discovering your best version of you.

Intentional Downtime

One of the most requested pieces of feedback from our first Feel Good Summit was the request for more downtime. While our Women’s Weekend is packed with activities, we’ve also left more time in the daily schedule for downtime to make friends and enjoy the beautiful 1440 campus.


Your health and happiness will be supported all weekend long with delicious, organic farm-to-table meals by 1440’s incredible kitchen. Our seasonal plant-heavy offerings are made with conscious ingredients like sustainably-sourced animal protein and we have vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo options.

Rest and Reset

Settle into custom-designed rooms featuring handcrafted, artisanal fixtures and artistic displays of natural elements. To support relaxation and personal reflection, there are no televisions or phones, but each floor does have Wi-Fi and a courtesy phone. The setting allows you a true opportunity to unwind, feel one with nature, and disconnect from the distractions of modern life.

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Don’t miss this chance to discover your truest health and connect with like-minded women! To be able to show up fully for those you love, you have to show up for yourself first. This is the weekend you’ve been waiting for, spots are limited so be sure to reserve yours now.

Tuition fee is $525 + accommodations (based on your room choice)

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